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Heel Pain Testimonials From Orthaheel Customers


Dear Sir,

I am writing to you to say I have had spurs on both my heels for 18 months and very painful and I am so pleased I was told to use orthaheel and what a great relief as I have been to Dr and they gave me cortezone needles had everything I could take and I cannot believe what relief they are as even when I get out of bed of a morning I cannot walk but I put my shoes on I am so happy about them I have also got them for my sister and also told my friends. I am so pleased with them.

Lorna Burns, Alexandria


Dear Terry,

I don't know whether you remember me, but I phoned up a couple of months ago and told you about the benefits I had received from using ORTHAHEEL orthotics. I had been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis since August 1997 and had obviously tried every possible remedy I could have done in order to clear up the injury.

This included about 400 metres of strapping, quite a few discarded cardboard boxes and all sorts of other devices I thought might help. From homeopathic tablets and creams, to aromatherapy massage oils, foot rollers, head wedges, intrinsic exercises, stretching, physiotherapy, praying and finally the infamous pebble that I rolled my foot on at any spare moment of the day. I used that pebble everywhere, I was dedicated to the task of clearing this annoyance but I was failing miserably.

The more I failed, the more desperate I became. Then I stumbled on ORTHAHEEL whilst out on a shopping trip in February. And yes, it was one of those shopping trips that was giving my foot more pain than it deserved. I made the purchase. They were 20 pounds and I admit I wasn't expecting anything, but from the moment I slipped them into my shoes the discomfort gradually faded away.

I was over the moon. Months of niggling pain was eased. To actually find something that worked was unbelievable. May I thank you for all your help and advice when I phoned you shortly after my best shopping purchase for some while. It was really good to speak to someone who was very well informed, but also genuinely interested in my problem.

I am now looking forward to resurrecting my running career. I returned to competitive on Saturday and finished a close second in a Five Mile Road Race. Although I have been through a frustrating time I have learnt a great deal (mainly not to give up) and I am even considering a career in the profession myself.

Many thanks for all your help.

John Sheane
London, England


Dear Sir,

I saw your advertisement in the Lawn Bowlers' magazine some months ago extolling the virtues of your arch supports. The last bit intrigued me when it mentioned Heel Spurs. As I have tried most other cures I decided to give it a go. I bought one pair for day wear and one for garden shoes. I write to tell you that the result has been just like a miracle. I have suffered on and off for the last 40 years or more and treatment has only given temporally relief, to say nothing of the cost. Until I read your advertisement I had given up and had decided that I would just have to finish up a cripple. Sorry that I have not written sooner - but you see that I only woke up the other morning and discovered that my feet did actully belong to me.

Yours sincerely
JOHN H. LONG (England)


Dear sir,

Recently I had been experiencing a problem with playing tennis three times a week with a infused heel. After putting up with it for a few weeks I went to my Doctor who said the problem was occurring because when running I was landing on the inside of my feet which was causing the problem. She had read some information about your company and suggested I contacted you to find out when I could buy the Orthaheel that she thought would fix my problem.

Your company referred me to a pharmacy in Bankstown Square where I was attended to by the Manager of the shop who knew a lot about the Orthaheel as he himself wore them! He informed me they would take a bit of getting used to but after one week I had no problem and have been wearing them every day.

I would just like to thank you for your help and to let your company know that their product has solved my problem, as I am still playing tennis without the discomfort.

Thank you so much,
Walter Rogers


Dear Sir/Madam,

Ref. "Orthaheel"

I thought I would write regarding the above product. I am sure you welcome comments from customers such as myself regarding the product.

For 3 years I have suffered from painful heels; first one then the other, and finally both. The discomfort had become very gradually worse. I was finding it difficult to stand or walk for long periods as my job required. I consulted doctors, a physiotherapist and purchased various heel pads as well as taking analgesics on occasions. I really had little relief or satisfaction from these products or advisors.

Once day about 3 months ago after reading an advertisement for 'Orthaheels' I purchased a pair a a chemist in Hereford. At the time I thought they were overpriced at nearly 20 pounds. I was desperate to my try anything to bring me some relief from the discomfort that was spoiling my life.

Within 2 days of wearing them I began to feel the relief and I have worn them in my shoes continually since then. Now I can walk, garden etc, and being on my feet for hours does not bother me. They have been "miracle pads" as fair as I am concerned and I wish that I had heard of them a long time ago, then perhaps I would not have had to undergo the discomfort I endured. The structure of them gives much support to the foot arches and obviously puts the bone structure back in its proper alignment. They were the best 20 pounds I have ever spent!

Yours sincerely,
Robert J Edwards