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VASYLI - Howard Dananberg™

The Proximal and Distal plugs have been designed to be removed individually or together as necessary. Due to the variations experienced in the length of a patients foot/toes, the plugs can be removed when the orthotic is fitted ensuring the head of the 1st MPJ coincides with the removed plug. In cases where maximum effect is required (Structural Hallux Limitus - SHL) both plugs can be removed offering a larger path of least resistance to the joint in an effort to enhance 1st ray function.

A selection of additions are available to enhance the orthotics "fine tuning".

The flexibility of the design of the VHD allows for a wide combination of applications to address your patients Tri-Planar motion problems. The VHD is of course heat moldable to personalize the rearfoot control.




Suede finish cover impregnated with Antibacterial FootFresh®

Enhanced metatarsal control

The Tri-Compound Construction (TCC™) is a design patented feature of the VHD orthotic. The bonding of these materials is unique in a pre-configured heat moldable orthotic. This blend of PU, EVA and Sorbon ensures comfort, function and control.

PU = Comfort

Sorbon = Function

EVA = Control




The VHD (Vasyli - Howard Dananberg) orthotic enhances 1st ray plantarflexion thereby reducing the force required to dorsiflex the great toe in this patient diagnosed with FHL. These images show a 40% reduction in force under the great toe during end stage propulsion.

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