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Vasyli Solutions For Bunions (Hallux Abducto Valgus)

A Bunion is a boney lump that gradually develops on the big toe joint over many years. Bunions can sometimes be very painful and at other times exhibit no pain at all. The common cause of this condition is a combination of genetic factors and our foot function. Interestingly, footwear is not the common cause as generally believed. Excess pronation places excess weight over the big toe joint while walking, and combined with a forefoot (or Metatarsal bone) adducted position, causes a Bunion to develop.

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Vasyli and Orthaheel orthotics help control excess pronation (although not forefoot adductus) which is a common factor causing Bunions. A high quality orthotic redistributes the weight evenly over the foot to prevent (or reduce) the gradual growth of a bunion. Vasyli and Orthaheel orthotics have been very successful in reducing symptoms with painful Bunion conditions. However, sometimes surgery may be indicated.


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