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Advanced Information For Health Professionals Regarding:

Lower Back Pain  (Lumbar Pain)


Muscular tightness in the lumbo-sacral region, causing pain.


The patient will complain of a dull ache and stiffness in the lumbar region. Standing for long periods or sitting in the same position may worsen the pain.

Biomechanical etiology:

Bilateral excess subtalar joint pronation internally rotates the tibial and femoral shafts which can lead to anterior tilt of the pelvis and a forward shift of the body’s centre of gravity, resulting in increased lordotic curvature and compensatory muscular tightness of the lumbo-sacral region. The upper body (Thoracic Region) commonly develops a secondary kyphotic curvature. Unilateral excess subtalar joint pronation lowers the vertical distance of the foot to the ground, therefore creating a functional short leg, causing hip mal-alignment.


By reducing excess pronation orthotics control internal rotation of the tibial and femoral shafts, thereby limiting anterior pelvic tilt and secondary muscular tightness of the lumbo-sacral region.

Additional treatment: Improve body posture: stand & walk up straight. For people in office jobs: sit with back straight and head up. Spinal adjustment and soft tissue therapy by a qualified Practitioner.


• Strengthening of the abdominal muscles - ‘safe’ sit-ups (lift head and shoulders off the ground whilst keeping the neck straight and eyes focused on ceiling)

• Press-ups: like push-ups, however the legs and pelvis stay flat on the ground

• Hamstring & lumbo-sacral stretches