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Vasyli Custom Inserts - Available Only To Health Professionals



Vasyli Custom brings you the very latest generation of heat custom orthotic solutions. Designed specifically for fast, easy and effective use, our unique range of orthotic products represent the very best value treatment solutions currently
available for medical professionals and their patients.

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Orthaheel Inserts -  Available To Both Health Professionals & Retail Customers


ORTHAHEEL is a soft-density orthotic shoe insert designed by a Podiatrist to control 'excessive pronation'. ORTHAHEEL re-aligns the feet to their natural position which in turn helps correct the body posture, relieving many chronic complaints in the process, including heel pain, aching knees, lower back and hip pain, as well as tired/aching legs, bunions - even headaches!

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Orthaheel Sandals & Flip Flops -  For Health Professionals and Retail Customers


 Orthaheel Wave Sandals and Shoes

Orthaheel Sandals and Shoes have built-in orthotics for great comfort and support at home, in summer and on vacation!

- Built in Orthotics
- Waterproof
- Rubber Outsole
- EVA Midsole

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Uni-Patch Electrodes



Founded in 1978, Uni-Patch has become the leading manufacturer of stimulating electrodes. We offer the the largest selection of electrodes for use with TENS, NMES, FES, post operative, interferential and galvanic stimulation. Accessory products include batteries, adaptors, belts, and unit testers.

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